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A few tips to prepare your home for winter

29 Oct 2020

Ready or not, Winter is coming.

Here are a few tips to winterize your home, effectively making it #EnergyEfficient throughout the upcoming season: 

️Draft-proof your home by sealing air leaks found around doors, windows, and chimneys with weatherstripping, caulking, and insulating covers.

  • ️Insulate your windows by hanging heavy curtains or applying insulation film, available at most hardware stores.
  • ️Remove screens from your windows during winter months: this will allow up to 40% more natural light to penetrate your windows, lowering your energy bill thanks to the increase in both natural light and solar heat.
  • ️Reverse your ceiling fans: When they turn clockwise, they push down the warm air pooling near the ceiling and circulate it through the room.
  • ️Change your furnace filters, allowing you to save energy and benefit from better indoor air quality.

️Focus on heating people instead of space, and mind your thermostat. Keeping your space cooler and using sweaters, slippers, hot water bottles and hot drinks is not only more efficient, it’s cozier!

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