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5 outstanding ideas to decorate your backyard

14 Apr 2020

Construct a tree Bench

Utilize that big tree in your backyard makeover by building a tree bench! All you’ll need for this creation is some protective eye gear, wood pallets, and a saw. You can paint it your favorite color and add some decorative pillows and create a shaded reading spot! Painting wood isn’t very hard, you can change the colour every few years.


String Up Some Mood Lighting

If you want to stand out in your neighbourhood, invest in outdoor lighting. Drape string lights down from a pergola or across your outdoor living space to give it a starry-night feel. You can also line any patio or garden path with torches and lanterns for soft lighting. This will create a great ambiance in the comfort of you home!


Plant bright flower 

This is ideal for adding a natural pop of color to your landscape. Plant hydrangea bushes or tulip bulbs along the fence if you have a major green thumb. Or go to your local plant nursery and buy a few pots to fill with your favorite blossoms.


Create a portable bar

Are you tired of multiple trips inside to refill your favorite cocktail? Load your cart up with glasses, small appetizer plates, a pitcher for lemonade or water, and a few snacks to have a convenient fuelling station right in your backyard. The benefit of this, is you can easily transport it inside to keep the party going, if it starts rainning!


Add and outdoor rug & Large colourful pillows

You want to add some comfort in your backyard? Consider a large outdoor rug! If you don’t want to invest in big renovations this summer, buy a large outdoor rug with colourful pillows. It could be your outdoor living room on sunny days to enjoy a sunny day with your friends and family!


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